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Why Tea?

This is really more of a ramble than anything else, but here it is.

Due to some personal circumstances and having just a pretty awful year in general, I haven’t updated in a looong time. It’s probably gone unnoticed, but upon logging in today it seems that I haven’t lost all my followers, so someone will read this…probably //waves hello. Well regardless, now that I’m in a somewhat better position, I’ve been doing some thinking and a lot of planning to get this blog started again. I had difficulties trying to come up with what to do with this blog. I’ve contemplated deleting it, no one will really miss it; just another blog about tea. But this lead me to ask: Why did I start this blog in the first place?  What did I want to accomplish? And importantly, why tea?

Let’s start with the tea question first. I’m being 500x more serious than I need to be, but hey, I really really like tea. It’s one of the things in life that gets me super excited and is something I love to read and learn about. And while other people just call it ‘leaf water’ (to which I admit, it is, but isn’t everything something-water?), I see tea as really something more than that. It’s a beverage that has so much weight surrounding it, that while I love it as a drink, what really makes it stand out for me is tea as an idea. It has history, tradition, culture, it’s business, agriculture, but the same time it’s so familiar to many. It’s so big, yet so small. Tea brings with it, a rich world of interesting history, neat facts and a plethora of flavours.

And this brings me back to the first question, why blog about tea? A lovely friend said to me, “Just make a tea blog that you would like to see.” What do I want to see? This is all personal taste of course, but I want to see an informative tea blog. I like reading articles and cool tidbits about tea. I like finding out about new tea blends and flavours. Basically anything that feeds my tea obsession, but also teaches me something. So to try and become the tea blog I’d like to be, I’ll be posting tea reviews as I’ve had before, but I also I will be writing some articles that showcase the many aspects of tea and the culture related to it. While I am no expert, it is something I am very passionate about, and I want to share what I like/think is interesting about tea in way that is (hopefully) accessible and interesting. I also have some great books, documentaries and recipes lined up.

So if you made it this far, thanks for sticking around. Please look out for the reviews and articles I will be posting starting next week. Also, if you ever have any questions, comments, whatever about tea or anything I post, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

Thought Catalogue: Tea People vs Coffee People

"Because there is no such thing as middle ground. You are either decidedly one or the other, and if you hang on the fence to avoid the revolution, you will be cast into the pits of rabid dogs along with those heathens, the Hot Cocoa People." - Chelsea Fagan

Adorable article I found on the Toronto Tea Festival’s Facebook page. So accurate it’s embarrassing. 

teetrinken said: Don't get me wrong! I think the tea is fantastic and I have half a pound in my tea cabinet right now, but the ripoff bothered me for some reason! They couldn't just come up with a new tea!

Actually, I’m sort of glad to find that it’s a ripoff of one of regular teas. Because that means I can hoard buy more of it. Though I guess it is a little sketchy that they renamed one of their regular collection blends and marketed it as a ~limited edition herbal infusion~.

teetrinken said: I see that you like the fruitful almond cake... It is very good but it is a ripoff of a tea that they sell in the store. I compared the teas side by side and they were identical in every aspect. The tea is called caramel almond amoretti. It was just important to let you know

Super late reply, sorry! I haven’t been active in a while. 

Thanks for letting me know! I really like Fruitful Almond Cake, and although it’s a ripoff, I am really glad I have can buy more of it. I am actually super excited. I have to get to my local Teavana soon. :)


And here’s one of my favourite received postcards so far! An adorable retro tea card from England~ It’s interesting to see that the prices on the menu are in ducats! So wonderful!! I am also in love with the stamps, one of which is from the 2012 Summer Olympics! The handwriting is very lovely, I always enjoy seeing the different styles of penmanship on each postcard! Puts my own disorganized handwriting to shame. Anyways this was a very nice surprise in my mailbox, tea is just amazing <3

Received November 2nd, 2012 // 13 days; 5,417 km (3,366 miles) traveled.
From Lisa in the United Kingdom via Postcrossing.

Hey guys! Greetingsfromelsewhere is my friend Jess’ blog. She blogs about (snail)mail: postcards, stamps, super cute stationery - basically anything mail related. Also, if you’re interested in penpaling (yes, it’s a verb now)/mail swaps, and don’t know where to start, she is very knowledgeable about these things and can give you resources/advice on how to start. So if you like any of the things I just mentioned, please check out her blog. :D

Simple-Authentici-Tea’s Giveaway Prize: Songs With Your Tea

Nice surprise in the mail today: my prize from Simple-Authentici-Tea’s giveaway! I totally forgot I had won something. 

The CD’s cover art is really lovely. <3 There’s also a nice little note on the CD itself. It didn’t come with a song list, but that made it even more of a surprise/adventure. There are 21 songs on the CD - some of the songs I knew, some I didn’t. But with the help of Google, I’ve figured out the complete song list. 

To Simple-Authentici-Tea: your blog is great, your taste in music is great, you’re great. :) Thank you so much for the CD. 

TONY MOLY Latte Art Collection.

Not really tea related, but they’re just so cute I had to share. These are pictures of the TONY MOLY Latte Art Collection. For those who aren’t familiar with it, TONY MOLY is a Korean cosmetics brand that sells everything from skincare to makeup. I find that Korean cosmetics tend to have really cute packaging, but this collection really takes the cake (or should I say cup?). THEY LOOK LIKE LITTLE COFFEE MUGS. AND THEY HAVE SPOONS. UGH. I really couldn’t resist, and ended up getting all three things in the collection:

1) Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack: Basically a 2-in-1 moisturizer and makeup primer to use in the morning. It comes with a ‘Creamy Essence’ in a separate little container for you to mix in the first time you open it; it’s suppose to add an ‘anti-wrinkle and whitening function’ to the product.

2) Latte Art Cappucino Cream-In Scrub: A warming face scrub with ‘coffee and milk extracts to remove flaky, dry, dead skin cells and impurities from the skin’.

3) Latte Art Milk-Cacao Pore Pack: A ‘pore tightening’ face mask. It’s a swirl of ‘cacao pack’ and ‘milk cream’ which you are supposed to mix when you first open the product.

All three products have little ‘spoons’ which are actually spatulas you can use to mix and scoop out your product. I haven’t really had a chance to try any of the products out. But if anyone is interested, I can always do reviews on them. I’m not even going to lie, I bought these mainly for the packaging. Seriously, they’re too cute. ;A;


oh for the love of sanity! ahahaha


oh for the love of sanity! ahahaha

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Even a monster needs a tea break


Even a monster needs a tea break

Dipping Water From The River and Simmering Tea


Living water needs living fire to boil:
Lean over Fishing Rock, dip the clear deep current;
Store the spring moon in a big gourd, return it to the jar;
Divide the night stream with a little dipper, drain it into the kettle.
Frothy water, simmering, whirls bits of tea;
Pour it and hear the sound of wind in pines.
Hard to refuse three cups to a dried-up belly;
I sit and listen—from the old town, the striking of the hour. 

Su Shi (苏轼), translated by Burton Watson